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Shenzhen Yongdaxing Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is one of the companies early engaged in production, sales, rental, maintenance and parts maintenance of various brand diesel generator sets, common consumable and eco-friendly sound attenuation (noise reduction) engineering, multi-set grid-connected engineering, ATS automatic mains supply/power generation switchover...

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“Yongda Electrical and Mechanical”in southern China earlier specialized in various brand diesel generator production, sales, rental, repair, maintenance and other accessories

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Why Yongda Xing Electrical Equipment HAWE?

Innovative technology and stable technical staff excellent adequate quality production line
  • 25 years of focus on brand strength

    Yongda Xing has 25 years of research and development, the production of diesel generating units and mechanical parts

  • Advanced detection equipment complete quality assurance

    The company has a number of national patents and has 6000kw test center, has a national dry load resistance testing, 23 testing complete

  • Zero intermediate links Best Price

    To overturn the traditional sales model, the implementation of factory direct sales model, directly to the end customers, eliminating the intermediate links, the price is more favorable.

  • Full-service support so you worry

    The company set up a rigorous pre-market after-sales service system, to provide you with the best solution package generator sets, allowing you to save costs radically reduce energy consumption.

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